Johanna F. Schneider is a designer whose work emphasises the harmony between graceful creation and functional detail.

Being of German-Belgian descent, the rich design histories of both countries is cited by JFS as having a continued impact on her present day working philosophy. For her, traditional Belgian manufacturing culture provides a gentle contrast to the austere, utilitarian atmosphere of her German birthplace and current home, Berlin.

Possessing the unique ability to operate in both the illustrious industry of high fashion and the performance-oriented world of sportswear, JFS's previous and current clientele, among others, include: designer Kostas Murkudis, atypical design label Acronym, men's sportswear line Stone Island Shadow and Nike.

Drawing inspiration primarily from human anatomy and its make-up, JFS's designs focus on resolving kinetic restraints, and the idea that clothing creates "rooms" for physical expression through movement.

JFS's fascination with organic movement, in addition to her obsession for detail and construction, naturally inform her evolving body of work. By unifying her understanding of pattern-making, production processes and system designs with a sensitive approach to form and material, Schneider creates products that exhibit both subtle elegance and technical mastery.